Wednesday, 8 July 2015

“I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”

(quote in title from Alice in Wonderland)

I guess the title is self explanatory.
I really have lost touch of who I was even a year ago, but even then people still go digging around my past, not that I blame them, curiosity pops up when you wonder how a person is after four years.  My heart still longs for a world of femininity and flower gardens, so I haven't changed entirely I suppose. 

 I'm not into the same sub cultures I was into when I was eighteen, I can't always be into the same thing for even year, plus I'm sort of over labelling myself into any scene or culture, my passions keep changing as the seasons come and go. I guess I'm just shifting into being comfortable in my own skin, with who I am, and who I surround myself with. I won't complain though, I'm very blessed with the people I have around me, but I still long for change, physically and mentally, this summer is pretty much a detox time for me.

Things I want to do this summer:
-take more film photographs
-go out to more galleries, parks and vintage sales
-paint more pictures in water-colour
-try buy more practical clothing
-eat more vegetables and vegetarian food with iron
-read and complete at least four books
-travel to another country in Europe
-watch more art and foreign films
-sign up for learning another language